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Days Gone By

We have always loved to travel. When the kids were little we drug them all over the country. It was so much fun. There was always a new adventure.

Our Steven was probably 12 years old, and our Cynthia was probably 8 years old the year we decided to go out west. The plant that we both worked had a two week shut down every summer. So we were going to pull our pop-up camper out west to the Grand Canyon.

Everyone was so excited. We did our research and KOA campgrounds were the place to stay. The kids loved them because they always had a swimming pool and a playground. We loved them because they always had something cooking in the crock pot for supper every night.

Our first memorable stop was in Arkansas. We never knew that Arkansas had rice fields. This was a pleasant surprise until it started getting dark and the giant mosquitoes came out of the rice fields (which surrounded us) to feast on us. HAHA!

We enjoyed traveling through Texas, but my goodness we didn’t think we would ever get to the other side.

Traveling through New Mexico we rode a tram up the Sandia Peak in Albquerque. It was so beautiful and it seemed like you could see forever. I especially loved the stucco houses which is not something we see very often in Alabama.

We then traveled on to Arizona to stay at the Grand Canyon. This is one of our favorite spots. The colors were magnificient, because at different times of the day it looked different according to how much sun shine you had. There is one spot called Yaki point which we were trying to find. We never found that exact spot, so that was our joke every time we drove up to a spot we would say “Is this Yaki Point”. We about drove Wayne nuts saying this all the time. It’s still a fun thing for all of us if we can’t find where we are going we say “Is this Yaki Point”.

We then headed to the coast of California and the Pacific Ocean. We were trying to miss the big city, but oops we hit Los Angeles wide open. We pulled into a shopping center to seek help. The gentleman was very nice and helped us get back on track. We stayed the night at the State Park which was right on the ocean. The wind was blowing so hard we couldn’t put our pop-up camper all the way up. What we didn’t know until we got there was that we had the Pacific Ocean on one side of us , and the Amtrak train track and the Los Angeles freeway was on the other . That makes for one loud night. The kids loved playing on the rocks and ocean the next day.

We then headed back inland to stay at Las Vegas. We ate good food, went to Circus Circus, swam, and had a wonderful stay. We saw some little Road Runner birds, and they looked just like the one on TV. HaHa!

We came back through Vail, Colorado on the last week in July, and there was still snow on the mountains. People were fishing at the little river in winter clothes. It was magnificient. I would like to go back there some day to visit.

We hurried home from here, because our two weeks were almost gone. We have so many memories from this trip, and so many wonderful people we met. If you get the chance get out there and travel, because you will never regret it.

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Welcome to RVacationer

Norma and I want to welcome you into our humble world. Our kids are grown. We are empty nesters and love seeing the world from behind a RV windshield and the toad.

We have been blessed to see all 50 states. Alaska was via a cruise ship up the Inner Passage. We flew to Hawaii twice to see the Big Island and Oahu. We love the experiences we have enjoyed, scenery we have seen, and foods we have tasted. Mostly, however, we have enjoyed the life long friendships we have made across the country.

Stay tuned for upcoming adventures, photos, and videos. We are currently planning another trip up the east coast through Gettysburg, New York City, Washington DC, Boston, Plymouth, Bar Harbor, Bangor, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.