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Fall Break – Getting Ready to go to Guntersville State Park

Our last camping trip was up the east coast of the United States back in May/June/July. It’s been way to long.

We have been really busy with grand-babies since then. We kept them the month of July while their mama and daddy worked. We have grand-babies in the first grade, Pre-K, and one still in daycare. They are playing soccer and cheer-leading which also keeps us busy.

I have been loading things into the motor home a little each day this week. It’s always good to have a check list to make sure you don’t forget any thing.

We keep most everything loaded in the camper, but certain things I load the day before. I went to the grocery store today to get groceries, so I went ahead and loaded them in the motor home when I got home. The grand-babies will be staying a few days with us, so I bought them all the things they like. I also load toiletries and medicines the day before.

Hopefully we will have a beautiful week. We love to go to Guntersville State Camping. It’s still warm enough to take the grand-babies to the beach and get our toes wet. Then we can walk up to the store and get an ice cream. We can then walk back by the playground for a bit. By then maybe everyone including me will be ready to lay down and rest for a little while.

The camp site we pick is up on a hill, so we will be able to sit and look out at the lake.

I’m bringing all kinds of puzzle books, word search books, dot to dot books, drawing paper, construction paper, scissors, glue, colors, and markers which will keep them busy for a little while.

They will just stay during the day while mama and daddy work. Grammy and Papa are always tired when they go home, but as soon as they’re gone we miss them. Grand-babies are the best.

Well we will be taking videos and pictures all this week, so stay tuned and check out our adventures with the grand-babies this week.

What do you love to do with your grand-babies? Leave comments and ideas for fun things to do with our sweet babies down below please.