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RV Armor Roof Is Here

We have our new RV Armor Roof and we are loving it. It is so new and clean looking. It is guaranteed for life, so it will never have to be replaced.

The gentleman who came out to do the work was extremely nice, and knowledgeable about his job. He travels the country with his wife in a fifth wheel camper from job site to job site. How fun to be able to travel the country and still make a living while seeing the countryside.

It took four 1/2 days to do the work. The first day was just washing the roof and getting it clean for the job to be done. The second day was to take all the covers off and sand all the old sealants that were on the roof. Then he put a cloth on the seams and cover the entire roof with a basecoat. The third day he put on the topcoat of sealant. The fourth day he put all the covers back on and double checked the entire roof for smooth coverage of the sealant.

We are extremely pleased with the service and look that we got from RV Armor Roof. If you need more information leave a comment and we can send you more information.