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Natural Bridge Virginia / June 1st

Natural Bridge Park in Lexington VA.

We are up and ready to go, and we are leaving at 8:29 AM. We loved the Baileyton KOA in Baileyton, Tennessee last night. It was so quiet and peaceful. Everyone got a good night sleep and we are ready to head on down the road.

Our next stop will be Natural Bridge KOA in Lexington VA. We stopped a couple times to make sandwiches and get diesel fuel, but we are glad to be here. We needed to stretch our legs.

This is a beautiful place. We are getting set up for another one night stay, and will be on the road again early in the morning. We are just going to set up the necessities, so we can get on the road quickly in the morning.

The area we are staying at gets its name from the natural rock bridge that is here. An actual road goes across the bridge.

Wayne and I left the campground and headed toward the Natural Bridge State Park. It costs $8.00 a person to get in, but we thought it was well worth it. There are 137 steps from the Welcome Center to the bottom flat part. The walk down with the stream and tiny little waterfalls is absolutely gorgeous. After you get to the bottom the natural bridge is just a short walk. The natural bridge is beautiful . It is huge and to think a road runs across it is awesome.

There is more to see down at the bottom, so we thought since our first walk was so easy we would continue on. The Indian village was next, which was really neat. They actually had people dressed in period costume. They had built a home, a work area, a cooking area, and a garden. It was very interesting.

The next step was a waterfall which we didn