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Ready for our 2019 big trip to Canada from Alabama

We have done everything we can think of to prepare for our big trip this year. Passports, serviced the rig, stocked up on bottled waters, and travel foods. We have our reservations made at all the points of interest and some of the way-points where we will be bedding down each night between “base camps”.

Our style is to either stay at a Walmart, Cabela’s, or a big rig truck stop for way-points, but this year we are traveling with another couple and felt it would be better to take shorter drive times, and longer rest periods so we have campgrounds reserved even for our rest-stop overnight stays.

Our base camps will include Gettysburg, which will include a bus trip to D.C. Then we move on to New York City North for a few nights. After that we will stay a week in the Plymouth/Boston/ Cape-Cod area of Massachusetts to soak in the history that we missed on our first shorter trip to that area. We do know that we will be eating clam chowder at Isaac’s again ;-). When we finish up in Plymouth, we will move through a 2-3 night stay at each of Portland, Bar Harbor, Bangor, before leaving the U.S. and staying on the North Shore beach in New Brunswick where we will drive to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Stay tuned for updates, photos, and you-tube videos to come during the month of June and July.