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Shake down trip 2019

Happy Weekend ! We finally were able to find a sunny day that wasn’t 20 degrees to get the motorhome out and drive to our favorite local spot by the lake. It is mid April and we have been wanting to get out and get bugs on the windshield since last November :-).

We use the “geo method” to maintain our black and gray tanks so we got that all setup and washed and cleaned the rig inside and out. I drove the rig to a truck stop that we have used for years and had the engine serviced last month and tires checked.

We have tested everything we can think of and “so far – so good”. Water Heater works, no plumbing leaks, TV, Internet wi-fi extender works, refrigerator, freezer, stove top, microwave, leveling system, and my personal favorites, the lawn chairs and snack tray works too 😉

We hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, and exciting adventure this season. Who knows, maybe we will cross paths on our journeys.

Safe travels