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Getting the RV serviced and ready to go

We just had to get the RV ready with the weather in the upper 50’s and low 60’s and the sun shining on us for several days now. The first time this year we’ve had descent weather to get out and do anything.

We normally use the Cummins Service Center in Birmingham to do our service work when we are about to go on a long cross country trip. This year they were short handed and didn’t think they could get to us without us leaving it there for a couple of weeks while they work us in. I don’t like leaving my motorhome unattended and unmonitored for any length of time. So, this year we used Wilks Tire and Battery which has 6 bays for big rigs, and they were able to get to us the next day after I called. They did all the oil, filters, fuel filters, and the generator, checked the tire pressure and the air filter and all the grease fittings. They had a nice truckers lounge for us to hang out in while they worked on the rig.

We got home and did a little rewiring of the towed brake and turn signals. Last year we pulled the tow vehicle back to North Alabama from Gulf Shores beach without tail blinkers and brakes. Now we have that fixed and are ready to go north to Canada in June of this year (2019). We have several stops and sight seeing tours lined up already. Reservations are made and we are just waiting on the calendar to change 🙂

Leaving to get service work done !