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Things to Remember before you leave

Norma and I are planning a long cross country trip up to New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia this summer. We have a list of things to make sure we are prepared for the adventure. We are sharing with you so you might gain from our experience of the decades. Also we would LOVE to have your insight as to the “must have” items for your extended length trips.

We plan to be gone for 5-6 weeks so here are the items on our list of “remembers”…

  • Stop the mail. We don’t want a box full of mail when we return or worse have it stolen while we are away.
  • Medications – refill before you leave if you don’t have enough to last through the trip
  • Document for easy access. Insurance Numbers, Roadside Assistance Number, emergency contact numbers…. etc.
  • Extra cash for Toll Roads. Some states are going to a “photo & bill” system which makes traffic flow much better, but the costs are higher 🙁
  • Online or Printed copy of Reservations and phone numbers to the campgrounds
  • Keep a key to the camper/motor home outside somewhere DON’T GET LOCKED OUT! ( yes we have )
  • Check Fire Extinguishers, smoke alarms, gas leak detectors.
  • Have plenty of bottle waters for cooking and washing on the road. Potable water isn’t always sanitary for cooking. Also it’s easy to heat up in the microwave for a quick hair washing if boondocking for an overnight.