RVacationer Travel Blog and Woodworking shop

A new feature being added to our web site is our wood working crafts store. We are now both retired and plan to continue to travel the country in our 2002 Dutch Star. We have planned on doing this for about a decade now and it’s finally here. As a second hobby adventure, we setup a woodworking shop so during the winter months, and when diesel is unaffordable, we make personalized wood products that are useful when traveling and camping such as carved signs ( like the ones shown here ), engraved coasters, keepsake boxes, Christmas ornaments, serving trays, farmhouse tables, and much more.

carved camping sign

Welcome ! We are now retired and have all the time to travel we always hoped for. During the last 42 years of our marriage we raised our 2 children and now have 3 wonderful grandchildren. To begin with, we traveled with our 2 kids and a pop-up, then a bumper pull with no-slides, then we hit the big time, and got a bumper pull with a slide out. What a wonderful life we have had.

Our current setup is now a 2002 Dutch Star towing a Jeep Cherokee and we have traveled all 50 states (Hawaii and Alaska were not RV trips ;-). Before COVID we were able to RV through the Canadian border into New Brunswick, Shediac, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. Of all the wonderful and beautiful places that we have been blessed to see and enjoy, we think our home area of North Alabama, North Georgia and Tennessee can hold their own with mountains, streams, lakes, rivers, and many wonderful RV parks, COE parks, county and state parks.

We don’t always agree on everything, but we do agree that the Yellowstone and Tetons area is our all time favorite. The wildlife, scenery, remote private locations, massive lakes, mountains, rock formations, and just the magnificence of nature’s geysers, mud pots, hot springs and more. When we drove out the south entrance/exit from Yellowstone and started to approach the Teton’s, it was the first time we both thought “this can’t be real” !!! It looked like a high resolution version of a painting that was picture perfect. Jenny Lake had people swimming in it while the mountains surrounding the lake still had snow covered peaks. It was just breath-taking.

We don’t want to slight any other locations that were very special in their own rights. Niagra was beautiful but the surrounding town area was quite run down and we didn’t really feel safe in the area away from the park. The visit to NYC from the north NYC KOA was well worth the visit to see the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park, and Times Square. But for me, it was too busy, populated and people in general avoided making eye contact to prevent from having to smile and greet each other.

Bar Harbor runs a close second to the natural beauty, fresh lobster, fresh air, ocean scenes, Thunder Hole, great food and everyone was friendly. Yosemite, well, you just have to see those trees. Words can not come close to describing the greatness that they represent with towering strength. It was almost impossible to stand at the base and lean back far enough to see the tops.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina was a unique experience and we learned a LOT more about the trials, hardships, and determination of the Wright Brothers work leading up to the first flight. There is a lot more to that story that we ever read in history books. The park ranger that gave a walking tour was a wealth of knowledge sprinkled with personal details of information that had been passed down through the years. BUT, we don’t want to forget to mention DUCK DONUTS !!!!! WOW !!!!! custom made to order with any toping, filling your heart can handle. Make sure you don’t go after noon….. We arrived exactly at noon and they locked the door just as we were close enough to see them lock the door and turn around the dreaded “CLOSED” sign <sigh> I think I shed a tear or two over that !